John Gill
President - Club Founder

John started the club in 1984 during the miners strike. He sadly passed away in 2019, but is fondly remembered by club members past and present.

Dave Arthur
Honorary President

Dave is a long standing member of WSAC and DVD having had several committee posts since starting diving in 1989. He is an Advanced Diver and Instructor.

Alan Hodgson

Alan is our Chairman and an Advanced Instructor, Diver Coxswain and skipper. He brings years of experience to the group and is a keen vintage bike buff.

Geoff Lord
Geoff is an instructor and keen Technical Diver. He has travelled widely and is only happy inside the engine room of a wreck, usually on devil gas.
Mark Watson
Mark has been the club treasurer for many years and is a great supporter of the club. Mark usually dives in warm water.
Pam Tarn
Training Officer

Pam looks after the training programme. A keen diver, she travels all over the world taking photographs of sharks, mantas and little things.

Paul Tarn
Diving Officer
Paul is an instructor and Technical Diver, his kit of choice the Inspiration Re-breather. He is an avid wreck diver.
Tony Hinchcliffe
Asst Training Officer
Tony assists our training activities and is a key member, helping to organise courses. He's also an Assistant Instructor and Dive Leader qualified.
Clare & Sammy
Equipment Officers

Clare & Sammy are dedicated members, diving in many locations and are responsible for maintaining the clubs diving equipment.

Jade Richardson
Media Officer

Jade is an Assistant Instructor who enjoys wreck diving. She is responsible for club communications and maintaining the club social media channels. 

Richard Slater

Richard is an instructor and also responsible for working out the mysteries of making a website work (and not breaking it).

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