We organise regular weekend dive trips and diving holidays to help hone your diving skills. Our trips are not-for-profit and suit all budgets with many UK and worldwide locations on offer.

Northumbrian Diving


If you thought that diving in the UK was dark and dingy, think again. This is the SS Coryton, a steam ship that sank on a sandy beach just south of Holy Island. The sea is turquoise and the wreck is just 2m below the surface and standing 10m tall. A great dive for novices and experienced divers alike.

Chuuk Lagoon


If you’re into wreck diving, then arguably the top place in the world is Chuuk Lagoon in Micronesia where the Americans sank 60 Japanese ships. This tropical paradise makes for an awesome experience. Our club  will be returning – why not join us?

Red Sea


Geoff is fond of his shells, although he may have some trouble getting this one home. This 15” shell was part of the cargo on board the Thistlegorm when she was sunk in the Red Sea. You can still see the copper driving ring around the base. It was probably on route to the legendary Battleship HMS Warspite.

Hard Hat Diving


Members of the club embarked on a Hard Hat diving course at the York Diving College. It was a great day that included lunch, a hard hat dive in your choice of commercial gear, and a dry dive in a deco chamber to 50m. Members of the club have been twice in recent years and would highly recommend it.

Coral Reefs in Scotland


Scotland is awesome for diving – there are many fantastic dives just over the border from Berwick-on-Tweed in the beautiful harbour of Eyemouth with its abundance of diving boats. Wrecks are a magnet for divers but the cold water soft corals are a beautiful opportunity for underwater photographers.

Inland UK Dive Sites


There are some great inland dive sites around the UK providing ample opportunities for weekend diving. Think of these as underwater playgrounds! Many have sunken boats, helicopters and other objects safely submerged for divers to potter around and explore.

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