Skegness Aquarium – Shark Educational Experience (1/2 October 2022)
Many of our members, both newly qualified and experienced, enjoyed a taste of ‘the tropics’ along the Lincolnshire coast during the bright and breezy October weekend when they dropped into the largest tank in Skegness Aquarium. The sessions were split over two days meaning 16 divers could take part. Each group of four began by kitting up and learning how to use their full face mask. Then they were off! Entering the tank, divers completed a weight check before moving around the outer edge of the aquarium. Walking along the bottom was another new skill to learn! Along the way, the guide communicated with everyone using a radio, indicating when to stop, kneel, pose for photographs and when to enjoy the view. With black reef tip sharks, a zebra shark, a guitar shark, unicorn fish, bat fish and so many more to keep them company they had a whale of a time and even managed to capture some comedy moments on camera! Who knew sharks would tell you off if you weren’t paying attention?! Turns out human hair is quite tasty too! For some of our discovery divers it was their first experience of diving with sharks and a first time wearing a full face mask too. Spectators joined in the fun, snapping away and caught some great photographs of our divers enjoying the crystal clear waters. The fish loved the sand shower to exfoliate their skin and the divers loved the experience – it was definitely more than ok! Look out for another trip coming soon!

Thanks to Abby for the excellent trip report!

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