Revision includes update for Brue and Jade only

Hi all, as you know it was very busy Monday so thank you all for all your help and support

Can we make sure that those in the pool are kitted ready to go in at 8.30pm and we need to be getting out no later than 9.25pm in order to vacate the premises by 9.45 pm

Remember its club meeting on 9th as well at the Bluebell for those that can make it

Training plan:
Snorkellers – presentation of certificates – pool open for swimming/snorkelling afterwards

Martin: qualified diver attending who wants to get back into diving. He has been told to ask for Mark / Pam

Matt D: Theory test with Mark

New trainees:
OJ first OS1 in pool with Alan
Eleanor first OS1 in pool with Kerry or Pam
Joshua Hoyle try dive with Chaf

Ocean divers:
Mark T– pool skills concentrating on mask clear . Carolyn – can you buddy Mark in pool please. Both overseen by Darren
Samuel – can you go in pool scuba/snorkel with Tony – remind me I have your club sweater
Michelle – OS2 in pool with Richard
Owen and Chris in pool with Bruce and Jade

Sports divers:
Carly, Marie, Ricky to finish ST4 with Chris. Stephen and Marie to join this group if they attend
Hayley L ST1 theory with Dave K

For those diving this weekend there is no planned pool session for you. (Alasdaire, Andrew, Ellen, Sam S). Can you all make sure kit is returned dafe please

Apologies: Rob M, Ian Lara, Hayley R, Geoff, Rob

If I have missed anyone let me know. Obviously remember there could be changes on the night for unforeseen reason


Amended Training Log for 9th September
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