Last night Lynn & I went to the Lundhill Tavern (where I had a couple of birthday ‘dos’ in the past). There are new owners and they are doing a very nice menu – ‘proper’ chefs and a good menu. Nice food and a decent pint too. They are leaving the pub as ‘traditional’ but giving it a well deserved clean, paint and re-carpet.

Anyway, they have vacant Friday dates in December if we want to have the Christmas do there. Nothing seems to have been decided regarding having the do elsewhere so…

I’ve scanned the current menus in for your info – they are just finalising the Christmas menu – this to be ready in the next few days. Point being, where are we going to have the do? If no-one has a better idea, what about the Tavern? This needs deciding quickly as it’s only 8 weeks to Christmas and if we have the do on (say) the 15th (Friday) it’s only 7 weeks. If anyone would like to go forward with this, let me know and I’ll get some tables, or the room upstairs booked (at no cost) if there’s enough for a single party, or maybe share the room with others?

Just a show of hands will do to get an idea of numbers interested so we can get things moving, then meals/menus whatever can be sorted in a week or so. I realise that people aren’t available all the time, but we need to move on this please.

Let Geoff, and any committee member know what you’d like to do and we can get on with it.

Anyone at the baths on Monday, please ask other members if they are interested and how many please.



Christmas Meal – 15-Dec
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