Please note there are always unexpected last minute changes. Final plan will
be confirmed on the night depending on staff availability. Here goes:


Alan will be snorkelling with James, Krissie and Kassie, and Max if he

Tony with Samuel snorkelling or possibly Scuba if he prefers. Otherwise if
Samuel away – Tony can you help in pool with try dive please

Try dives:

Mark, Carolyn and Alex – with Sammy, Tony and Bruce/Jade

Ocean divers:

Ellen – Revision – home or at pool with Kerry

Rob can you do OS5 with Alex, Alasdair

Richard can you do OS2 with Matt please

Chris can you finish OT1 / OT2 with Oliver, Carly

Marie OS2 in pool with Sammy

Thomas and Oliver – theory with Pam


Geoff can you do pool skills sign off with Rick please

Sports Divers

Dave K will you do practice rescue in pool with Jennifer and Simon M please
(without scuba first please)

Alfie – can you go in pool supporting Dave K please

Dive leaders

Further training session being planned

New members:

Paul can you do refresher with Darren please


Andrew and Simon R

That’s it for now

If I have missed anyone let me know


FW: Training plan for Monday 8th April
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