Further to the last message I sent – the date in March looks like the 25th – it’s a Sunday and the course is 9am to 5pm, so it’s all day. The lunch is 2 course, there’s a ‘pudden’ as well.

I’ve had a couple of people show interest, but need a minimum of 18, max 24 for the day to be ours alone, otherwise it may turn out as an argument with another club if say, they want 15 and so do we.

If anyone interested can get a tenner deposit to me ASAP (Barnsley people please let Rob have it and I should see him next week) and I can get the day booked next week.

Anyone who wishes to go MUST get a total deposit of £25 to me be the end of January and I would prefer the full payment by the end of February. Reason for this is that any no-shows on the day will be charged £25 by the Dive College, so I need that please. Anyone who pays the full £50 and can’t make it will have £25 returned to them.

Anyone who is a veggie, please let me know or you will be getting a non veggie meal at lunchtime.

More details when it’s all booked and I have the deposits.

Thanks everyone.

Hard Hat Course – 25th March 18
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