Saturday 1st October – a few jobs were completed on Paul’s boat Bluefin ready for the run up to Largs Yacht Haven yesterday. New towball shock absorber ram fitted, lights and electronics checks, brakes checked, run the engine etc. and general look around to ensure nothing was untoward for the journey up to West Scotland. A few rain showers ensured that plenty of coffee was drunk during the work and that the phrase ‘no rest for the wicked’ wasn’t strictly true, well, in Alan’s case anyway as Paul is a nice guy…..

Everything that had been dismantled was re-mantled correctly and checked for proper working, of course.

Sunday 2nd October – a steady run up was started at about 7.30 am. 1st stop at Sedbury layby as we got onto the A66 at Scotch Corner where a good breakfast sarnie and coffee were enjoyed by Paul & Alan ready for the run up to Penrith, albeit a bit steady in places due to roadworks, but traffic not too bad. Stopped at Gretna services for a comfort break, then on through Glasgow, top up the car & boat at Bridgend, and into the Marina about 1.15pm. Log in, wheels off, brake shoes removed, and (obvs) wheels replaced meant that after parking properly, we could set off back not long after 2pm. Shame we couldn’t have a run in the boat, but that wasn’t the plan even though the weather was good and the sea calm when we arrived – and anyway, it ‘just’ started to shower, so we headed back home. Landed back at Paul & Pam’s about 7.15pm after a good run back with no traffic snarls anywhere, but again steady for a few miles on the A66 roadworks area. (Soon to be finished.) All ready to go for the first dive trip in a ‘couple’ of weeks time.

No pics taken, but here’s a link to the Marina live webcams – .

Please don’t try to look at night as they are live views and it’ll be dark!!


Largs Marina boat update from Alan
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