Hi all. Training plan below for Monday night.
Thanks to Tony for sorting out last weeks session

Snorkelling with Sammy: Twins and James

There are no try dives as far as I know. Bev not sure about your husband can you let me know

Ocean Divers:
Jade and Bruce to finish off OT1 with Chris and Owen Tulley
Rob M to do OT3 with Sam, Mark and Carolyn, Matt and Nikyla
Nigel to do OS4 with Matt D and Carley
Alasdaire pool skills sign off with Paul T ready for test and open water
Oliver and Thomas practice OT1 test with Pam

Ellen to confirm availability for dry suit pool session and dates available for open water sessions

Sports Divers:
Geoff to do ST6 with Hayley, Alfie, Bev, Simon and Jennifer

Rob and Leigh will sort out the kit for tonight with help from Ian and Lara

Pool is open for Ian, Lara, Darren and anyone else I have forgotten

Thanks everyone. If I have overlooked anything, apologies – please let me know

There is diving available 15/16 June at Capernwray


Training plan 10th June
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