Hi all it could be a busy week this week particularly as people are making
plans for continuing with training.

Pool is open for swimming and snorkelling

James and ? Twins snorkelling with Sammy

Samuel in pool or finish theory OT1 with Pam and or Tony

Martin to complete paperwork with Mark then pool to recap on OS1 with
Nigel. Rob H will you assist Nigel please

OJ pool sign off with Chris
Cherry pool OS2 with Richard
Josh finish pool skills with Chaf

Carly, Jess and Chris theory ST6 with Kerry

Carolyn Mark CPR with Geoff then start theory ST5 with Rob M

Hayley R, Bev, Marie, Rick., Simon, Andrew, recap on training plan and next
steps for diving with Paul. Please bring log books. Andrew you need to pick
up your pack if not done do already from Mark

Bob (qualified new member) in pool buddy with Dave K

Hayley L and Michele practice skills in pool or complete rescue / CPR with

Owen and Chris practice CPR with Geoff and review of training plan

Jade compass navigation on land with Oliver

Bruce test Thomas with OT1/2

If I have forgotten anyone apologies

Please note there could be changes in the night


Training plan 13 January 2020
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