Hi Everyone,

Apologies for the delay in posting but we have had lots changes. It’s a busy
night again

Please note there are always unexpected last minute changes. If there is
anything else I will let you know at the pool. Here goes:

Apologies from:

Samuel, Ellen, Wesleys, Kerry, Simon R and Andy


Sammy will be snorkelling with James, Krissie and Kassie, and Max if he

Try dives:

X2 try dives (Mr Tulley and Owen) with Jade and Bruce

X1 try dive: Emma Skelton with Dave Chaf

Ocean divers:

Dave K will you do OT1 with new member Iain please

Tony – will you do OS1 in pool with Carolyn and Mark Towler please

Rob will you do OS2 with Carly and Matt please

Chris will you do OT4 with Alasdair and Sam please

Thomas and Oliver in pool with Pam

Alex – qualified and in pool testing his kit and buoyancy

Sports Divers

Geoff can you do theory ST4 with Jennifer and Simon M, Hayley R please

Rob, Leigh, Ian, Alfie can you 3 go in pool and do buoyancy in deep end –
continue form open water yesterday

Rick do you want pool or theory?

Lara – can you help on poolside

Dive leaders

Theory and open water sessions being planned. Dates TBC

New members:

Darren you are free to use pool tonight

That’s it for now


Training plan 13th May 2019
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