Here goes sending out the plan early

Can everyone bring books so I can make sure my log is up to date – thanks

Snorkellers – James and Twins in pool with poolside cover

Mark and Laura O in pool snorkelling with Rob M

Cherry in pool doing OS2 with Sammy

Samuel in pool on scuba with Tony

Marie in pool doing rescue as part of sports diver with Chaf. OJ and Josh
you can join this group please (not on scuba)

Alasdaire recap on all pool skills with Chris

Try dive with Richard and Rob H

Hayley R and Bev in pool practicing skills

Ed, Martin and Connor OT1 theory with Nigel

Daniel and Carly sports diver test with Mark

Dive leaders theory session with Paul and or Geoff – Bruce Jade did you
discuss with Paul last night what you needed

Sports divers wanting theory let me know Dave K is available

Bob recap dive planning and tables with Pam

As always, there could be changes in the night. If I have missed anyone
please let me know

Watch for email re open water sessions


Training plan 16 March
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