Hi All,

No try dives this week

Training plan below. As usual any problems let me know

Snorkelling with Sammy: Twins and James

Ocean divers:
Owen and Chris Tulley test for 0T1 and OT2 with Jade and Bruce
Sam S Ocean diver test with Chaf
Thomas complete OT1 test with Pam then can swim in pool
Oliver – apologies as away
Carly OT5 with Kerry
Andrew in pool OS4 with Chris
Marie you can go in Barnsley on Tuesday but you can go in pool with Tony again Monday
Matt D OT1 and 2 with Dave K
Mark and Nikyla OS3 with Rob and Nigel

Sports divers:
Ian and Lara in pool finning with Alan and practicing rolls
Bev, Alfie and Stephen H – will you do first sports theory lesson ST1 with Richard please
Alfie – this should complete your sports theory lessons so we will plan for revision and then test
Rob Leigh you can use pool as Geoff and Mark are free to do Kit store

Also in pool tonight:
Darren and Paul on rebreathers

Pool is open for anyone else I have forgotten

Open water training:
Several members have expressed interest in open water diving on 4th July at 8 Acre Lake or 6/7 July at Capernwray. Those confirmed: please note we need to take kit from pool on Monday night (Carly, Alasdair). Ellen this is suitable for you as well if your free.

We are looking at July for Stoney cove

Apologies: Samuel, Carolyn and Mark T, Alasdair, Hayley, Rick, Alex,

Let me know if I have forgotten anyone


Training plan 1st July 2019
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