Hi all can’t believe that we are in December. Training plan below. Please
note that it could be due to changes on the night

Pool is open for swimming

Simon will you help with kit store please (rob and Leigh may be there)

Snorkellers: twins, James and new member Oliver with Sammy

Samuel in pool with Tony

Cherry – try dive with Ian (may join today)

Carolyn and Mark in pool – try practicing skills again with hood and gloves

OJ in pool with Chris

Josh in pool with Dave K

Matt D practice pool skills with Chaf

Owen and Chris – in pool with Jade and Bruce. Sign off with Paul

Jess and Chris (new members) and Oliver to start sport theory ST1 with Geoff

Michele complete OT6 with Kerry

Marie – practice test with Pam

Sam, Andrew, Carly, Hayley L – sports theory with Richard and Pam (sessions
TBC on night)

Ricky you can go in pool if you like – let me know


Training plan 2 December 2019
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