Hi all,
Apologies for posting late there has been lots changes and I have some instructors not available

Snorkellers doing rescue with Alan and Sammy

Try Dive Oliver (D White grandson) with Chaf

Ocean divers:
Owen and Chris Tulley – can you do swim test and some snorkelling in pool tonight please
Thomas and Oliver – snorkel and rescue in pool please tonight
Andrew you can do OS4 in pool with Darren if you are free

Carly to complete theory OT6 with Jade
Matt and Nikyla to do theory OT3 with Bruce
Matt D to do theory OT2 with Dave K

Sports divers:
Bev can you do ST2 with Richard please
Stephen you could do ST2 as well if you have time to stay

Rick – Paul will go through your book and deliver theory session

Pool is open for qualified divers to practice:
Darren, Rob and Leigh, Ian and Lara

Apologies from Rob M, Sam, Samuel, Hayley, Ellen, Kerry

If I have missed anyone apologies. I will sort out anything else tonight

Training plan 8th July 2019
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