Hi Everyone,

Please find below the plan for next Monday. This could be subject to some
changes on the night depending on staff availability. Here goes:


Alan will be snorkelling with Max, Krissie and Kassie, and Thomas’s brother
(sorry I have forgotten name – help)

Tony with Samuel snorkelling or possibly Scuba if he prefers

Ocean divers:

Rob can you do OT2 with Alex, Alasdaire, Sam and Luke please

Paul can you do 0S4 with Thomas and Oliver please – yes pool again I hope
boys. If this is not possible you will be recapping on OT2 theory and
practice test so read your books

Kerry will do pool OS5 with Ellen

Geoff will oversee Stephen who is doing practice test unless completed over
the weekend when diving

Sports Divers

Dave K will you do theory ST1 with Jennifer and Simon M please

Chaf – can you do in water rescue SO1 please with Ian, Rick and Alfie. Lara
is doing the surface cover and will act as the go to person for the rescue

Dive leaders theory sessions being planned – watch for update

Safe diving at the weekend

That’s it for now


Training plan for 18 March 2019
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