We are trying to make sure that everyone completes theory and any pool sign
off prior to starting Ocean diver open water training March onwards.

James and twins snorkel preparation for open water with Sammy

Try dive (Daniel newphew) with Chaf

Samuel theory OT2 with Tony

Josh and OJ pool sign off with Rib M

Oliver and Alfie practice pool skills supervised by Alan H

Carolyn Mark in pool with new dry suits with Chris S

Chris and Jess – pool trying out new regs

Geoff ST4 With Michele, Andrew, Carly

Dave K OT1 with Cherry, Ed, Martin, Chris and Owen

Dive leaders, this week Paul T is offering chart work at the Blu Dolphin
starting at 7.30pm, please note the venue. Contact Pam for details

Bev test paper review with Pam

Pam exam at blue bell after pool see ion with Alan

If I have forgotten anyone let me know


Training plan Monday 27 January 2020
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