Hi all training plan for next week
Rob leigh and Simon will you do kit set up and dekit and change the alternate regs to left side on club regs please.

All instructors and assistant instructors to configure kit as above for use when training

Ian and Lara you can do your own thing in pool. Try skills, out air, swim side by side and buoyancy

Chris and Richard – will you take Thomas and Oliver again for try dive please

Kerry will you do ocean diver theory with Alfie (last lesson, I will send you through the presentation)

Chris – Marie is off next week but will you be the assistant instructor linked to Marie please given you have completed try dives several times with her

Hayley- will you go in pool again with Geoff and Dave k. Practice skills

Tony will you go in pool with Samuel

Liam and rebecca need to do snorkelling please unless Chaf can take Liam in

Sports diver theory: 10th 18th 24th NovemberPam Paul and assistant instructors offering sports diver theory lessons at Pam Paul’s. Please confirm availability – Lewis, Wesley’s, Ian Lara, Hayley, Simon, Dave L, Emily, Izzy and anyone else

Rob we should be ok next week

Dive leader theory TBC

Apologies: Pam Paul, Mark Emily

If I have missed anyone let me know


Training plan Monday 29 October
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