Hi all here is the training plan for Monday 3rd June. Tony will organise
any changes on the night

Chrissy, kassie and James snorkelling with Sammy

Try dives: 2 tonight, Bev’s husband Neil with Dave K and Ricky Bulls
partner with Alan

Ocean divers:
Bruce and Jade can you do OT1 with Owen and Chris Tulley
Nigel and Kerry can you do OS4 with
Marie, Carly and Matt
Mark will you sign up new members Tulleys, Matt and Nikyla – they all needs
packs tonight please
Chris will you do OS3 with Sam Simpkin and Matt Davies
Richard will you do OT2 with Matt and Nikyla and Carolyn and Mark Towers
Geoff will you do revision for OT1 with Thomas and Oliver and then do OT1
theory test only please. Thomas and Oliver make sure you do homework
revision for OT1
Rob will you do OS6 with Alasdaire
Tony can you do pool with Samuel

Sports divers:
Paul and Chaf can you do skills check and refresher skills with sports
divers please? We have open water diving trips coming up – it will be good
to make sure they can use a compass, SMB and can do rescue. I’ll leave
decision to you both

Alfie, Hayley, Bev. Ian, Stephen as above

Members with own kit – pool is open for you to use: Wesley’s, Rick, Darren,

Pam, Simon and Jennifer, Alex

Kit store will be manned by Rob and Leigh
8 ocean divers in pool

Lara will you do poolside cover

If I have forgotten anyone apologies

If anyone can’t make it can you let TONY know through watts app group.
Thank you

Thanks everyone


Training plan Monday 3rd June 2019
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