If anyone fancies a weekend away, SueB is looking into a trip to NDAC in Chepstow. It’s a nice deep lake 70-80m which is huge and has lots to see and usually has really good viz below 10m.

Its open Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sun and has a café bar and wood wigwam huts to camp in. Currently Groupon has a half-price offer on the Wigwams so a night is £49, although they say a wigwam can sleep 5 people in practice they suit 3 people comfortably.

If 3 stay its roughly £16 per head for accommodation with Groupon. Staying on-site is brilliant as you roll out of bed and into your undersuit, have breakfast and be first into the water while the day guests are still queuing to get in the car park. The shuttle buses of wet divers from the rim (where the facilities are) down to the diving pontoons are an adventure in themselves!

Availability for weekends is currently good but once the Groupon buyers start booking its not unusual to find Saturdays get full very quickly so early booking is advised especially if a group wants to go and have a few wigwams together. Sue’s dive school was the first to use the wigwams back in the day and the NDAC website photo of a group sitting outside them chatting does actually have Sue in it!

Do any club members fancy it to try some new territory?? It also has a zip wire, bungee jumping, segways etc. Its about 180 miles so 3 hours drive. Gas room does trimix, nitrox etc.

Sue is Happy to answer any questions as she has been there more times than she can remember.

Trip Proposal – NDAC Chepstow
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