Greetings Divers!

As a bit of a curtain raiser for the 2018 diving season, Barnsley BSAC is organising an Underwater Easter Egg Hunt! This will take place at Eight Acre Lake on Saturday 7th April.

The basic plan is to split into buddy pairs and head out to hunt for clues tagged to various underwater features – no time limit. There will be one golden egg, cunningly hidden by our pathfinders, PaulR and Linda!! We’ll have a couple of dive marshalls logging the pairs in/out and generally monitoring things.

Other clubs have been invited, so the hope is that we can all mingle and swap ideas with some of our fellow BSAC neighbours.

This event is open to all divers. No commitment or deposit necessary – I’ll gauge interest the week before.

Happy Diving!

Underwater Easter Egg Hunt
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