pie-chartHere are a few points on dos and don’ts for posting items on the website. Please ensure that your content is:

  • Unoffensive – avoid rudeness, innuendo or profanity. Do not be critical of anyone or anything, including other scuba associations.
  • Relevant – stick to diving or club related activities – don’t try to sell your old sofa via the site!!!
  • Interesting – don’t be dull! And keep it snappy (our audience has a short attention span)!
  • Lawful – please be wary of posting copyrighted material (images, music, videos)
  • Discrete – avoid posting personal information such as phone numbers, email and postal addresses

Regarding personal information, please seek permission before posting photos of any individuals. Please stick to ‘short’ formats for names e.g “RobM is organising a trip to the Farnes“.  Remember that posts automatically appear on the Facebook ‘organisation’ page.  We have a reasonable amount of control over this, but the above guidelines above will ensure that we post safe on Facebook too.

ABOVE ALL – be friendly and be positive!!!

Website Posting Guidelines
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