Trip summary, video and photos

On Friday 5th May 2023 10 divers, 8 from DVD and 2 from Barnsley headed to Milford Haven for a weekend of boat diving. The divers stayed 3 nights in local accommodation and ate out together in local restaurants on Saturday and Sunday Evening.

The diving occurred over 2 days (Saturday & Sunday) with 4 different dives sites in the Skomer Marine Reserve, Junkos Rock, High Point, Stack Rocks (my personal favourite) and Hen and Chicks. These consisted of a pinnacle, for those divers who actually found it, and then a mix of rocky reefs, walls and sandy areas. There was an abundance of marine life to see. The reefs were very pretty with marine life to suit all interests. Highlights were Nudibranch especially a Purple Flabellina, Flatfish, Candy Striped Worm, Octopus, and Catsharks, both types Dogfish and Nursehound possibly. It isn’t always easy to identify marine life! The huge Barrel Jellyfish floating in the current were impressive. There were numerous spider crabs sometimes observed running across the sea bed, huge lobsters hiding in the rocks and a plethora of other life such as sponges, squirts, sea worms, anemones, and many more things which are beyond my ability to identify with any certainty even with a book in hand.
Visibility was good and with sea temperatures around 11 C diving was very pleasant in a drysuit.
There were a lot of laughs on the way with a fantastic atmosphere on the boat.

Carolyn Towers. DVD


Only time divers aren’t talking when above water, is when they’re eating!


30 Seconds of Octopus 

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