Greetings Divers

In collaboration With Chapeltown BSAC, we are running a BSAC Boat Handling course on 23-24 April 2022. The courses is great fun and qualifies you operate PaulT’s boat “Bluefin”.

The course will be split into two parts, a theory lesson followed a week later by practical boat handling out at Whitby (requires a Friday and Saturday night stay in Whitby). The boat handling weekend will contain two days of practical skills include high-speed driving, slow-speed manoeuvring, anchoring and coming alongside. You will develop your overall seamanship skills, including voyage planning, essential rules of the road and learn the actions to take in an emergency.

The approximate cost is £250 excluding accommodation and travel. It does include your BSAC Boat Handling qualification pack, boat and harbour fees.

There are no perquisites for this course – its is open to all members. Numbers are strictly limited, so please contact RobM to get your name on the list –<>

Any questions then please contact Rob


Boat Handling Course – April 2022
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