Hi all,

It could be quiet again tonight so pool is open from newly qualified ocean divers to practice skills as buddy pairs. Anyone with own kit or members that want to borrow kit please use the link previously shared.

Paul and Geoff are not available tonight so if any instructors are free let me know.

In pool on scuba:

A: Samuel with Tony
B: Twins with Sammy
C: Alexandros With Dave K
D: 2 new members with Bruce and Jade
E: chaf doing own skills review
F: Scott – instructor TBC

Oliver , James and Josh, let Pam know what you want to do tonight and over next few weeks.

Alan to continue ocean diver theory with Connor

Pam to start ocean theory with Paul M, Danny and Arron (Danny and Arron in pool next week on scuba)

Mark to sign up 2 new members before they go in pool.

If we have forgotten anyone let Pam know – apologies in advance.

Training plan Monday 8 November
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