Gozo dive trip August/September 2020

Go from Manchester 31st August, back on 7th September .

Flights with Jet2 – 10kg hand/22kg hold, transfers to Gozo from Malta,
accommodation based on two room self catering apartment with one person
occupancy per bedroom, 6 days diving with St. Andrews Cove in Xlendi with
weights and tank, Suzuki Jeep transfers for diving will be about
£590/person. Dive kit extra as usual on holiday.

Of course there will be food and alcohol ‘etc’ as well, but that’s up to
you. If you’re a porky alky it will cost more than if you eat and drink

Personally, I can cook a good breakfast for 4 (or more at a pinch), but I
don’t wash up. That’s the nosher’s job. The last bit is important if you
come and want a breakfast the next day – as you’ll get the same plate and
gobbling sticks.

Lots of Cafés, restaurants etc. in Xlendi so you won’t starve or dehydrate
unless you try really hard.

Personally, I will stay at a hotel near the airport the night before and my
car will be there to go and return. My car holds 4 plus kit. Cost to be
sorted, but for two is about £100 – I use this regularly.

Morning flights out and afternoon back, so not bad at all. If anyone wants
to book their own hotel/flights, then join the group at the airport or in
resort, that’s fine just let me know.

I have been to Gozo about 14 times and know the island and dive centre very
well, first time being in 1990.

Minimum qualification Sport Diver and valid BS-AC or equivalent medical

Diving can be any depth to suit experience. I am Advanced Instructor so
anyone needing depth progression in warm water, it’s a great place. If you
just want steady and not too deep, that’s fine too. The Mediterranean should
be warm in September, so wet suits only will be needed.

Please contact Alan – Dearne Valley Divers (Chairman). With email details
and I will send a breakdown of costs, or I will be at wet and dry meetings
on Mondays as usual.

Contact me ASAP if definitely interested or needing more info as I will be
booking the first week in March.

My trips tend to be holidays plus diving, rather than diving holidays, so if
you demand severalteen dives a day this may not be for you, however if you
want some good diving and are happy to be insulted professionally and return
the complements, this could be exactly what you are looking for. I have done
this for many years and pride myself on a better class of applied abuse.

The trip is on and I have some definites already. I would prefer a maximum
of 8, but this can be increased slightly if required. Be there or be vaguely

Gozo trip 2020
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