Hi all
Can everyone bring log books so I can do a cross check where people are at?

Snorkelling with Sammy – twins, James and George

Samuel on scuba with Tony

Young try dive in pool on scuba with Pam

Josh recap on ocean exam and try paper again with Alan

Kerry to do theory ST2/3 with Michelle

Chris and Jess and Carly to take sports exam overseen by Mark

OJ in pool with a Richard practicing skill with hood gloves on

Ed, Martin and Connor in pool OS3 with Bruce, Jade and Dave K

Oliver and Alfie practicing analysing and setting up kit, use of
equipment, compass, reel,SNB etc with Geoff

Matt in pool in drysuit with Chris

Paul will do dive leader lecture for those that are available

Nigel ST4 with Daniel any sports divers that need to complete this lecture

If I have forgotten anyone let me know

Training plan 2 March
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