Training plan for next week below.

Snorkelling Twins, James with Sammy and Alan

Oliver – Theory test 6 with Pam prior to open water (on 18th August)

Thomas – Theory test review 1-3 with Pam

Sam Simpkin – let me know if you are at pool this week

Andrew – pool skills check out prior to open water with Richard (open water
18th August)

Matt D – pool skills check out prior to open water with Dave K

Owen and Chris – review theory OT3 with Kerry

Ian, Lara, Emily and Alfie – sports theory test with Mark

Bev, Marie, Stephen – pool compass work with Rob and Chris

Paul, Darren – pool is open for rebreather skills drills

Rob Leigh – pool is open

Ellen and Alasdaire – can you confirm availability for open water please?

If I have forgotten anyone let me know

Apologies: Samuel, Bruce, Jade, Geoff, Chaf, Simon R, Simon & Jennifer,
Carly, Matt/Nikyla

Training plan 12 August 2019
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