Training plan for 23rd September

Hi All, see below for training plan. A few of us including me will not be
at the pool due to our mull trip.

Emily and Alfie to help out kitting up and surface cover.

Pools open for James to snorkle
Pools opens for Lara and mark for swimming.

Ocean Divers:

Samuel – scuba with Tony
O.J- scuba with Alan.
Joshua – scuba with Chaf
Caroline and mark- practising CBL with Sammy and Ian.
Owen and Chris – pool with Jade and Bruce.
Sam.S in pool doing CBL with Nigel ( Oliver to assist and be casualty)
Michelle OS2 with chris.

Sports diver:

Alfie to do dry run compass with paul as revision for October’s open water
after helping kitting up.

Marie, Carly, Ricky and Stephen, hayley.L- ST5 or ST6 with Kerry.

If I’ve missed anyone off please let me know or if someone wants something
different let me know so I can rearrange.

Things may change in the night depending on who’s around.

Kerry dive leader on 23rd with Geoff

Will look to get sports divers in pool next week as well

Paul will bring extra kit.

Training plan for 23rd September
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