Hi all, a few of us are away this week so below is the proposed plan. Tony
will do any final changes on the night if need be.

Pool is open for any swimmers or those with own kit to practice skills.

Marie snorkelling or swimming, it’s up to you.

Sammy is doing rescue skills with Snorkelers using Resus Annie – Mark will
you remember to bring to pool please

Richard and Chris doing PIE prep with Darren

Sports divers: Nigel is doing ST4 with Carly, Chris, Jess, Daniel and
anyone else that needs a recap prior to sports exam

Tony will you complete OT2 with Samuel please

Dave K will you do an Ocean diver theory session with Cherry please

Hayley and Michelle happy for you to practice skills and try out regs in

Carolyn and Mark, you can recap on ST4 or go in pool – up to you

Bev, your also welcome to go in pool now you completed sports exam

Pool training:
Ed, Martin and Connor in pool with Bruce, Jade and Ian – recap on OS1 and
start OS2. Same buddy pairing as last week please.

Chaf will you watch OJ and Josh in pool as a buddy pair please if they want
to go in pool. Otherwise they can have a go at the Ocean diver test. I will
send papers.

Oliver and Alfie happy for you to go in pool and practice skills

There’s no other theory tonight as no other instructor available. I will
arrange for another Dive Leader session 24 February

If I have forgotten to allocate you to something let me know

Pam, Paul, Geoff, Kerry and Alan

Training plan Monday 17 February
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